Keynote Speaker 2023

Teachers' Day Conference, Brunei Darussalam

Kit-Tai Hau, Professor

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Hau Kit-Tai, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Choh-Ming Li Professor of Educational Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), has been elected a fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in recognition of his significant contributions to education research and to the advancement of the field. AERA is the largest professional organization devoted to the scientific study of education in the US. Professor Hau was inducted during the AERA 2014 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in April 2014. Among the over 300 fellows, it was the first time that a scholar from Hong Kong has been elected.

Prof. Hau Kit-tai joined CUHK in 1988 and had been the Chairman of the Department of Educational Psychology for 13 years. He has been the President of the Division of Educational, Instructional and School Psychology at the International Association of Applied Psychology. He received his BSc and MA degrees from CUHK and pursued further studies at the University of Hong Kong where he received his PhD (psychology) degree. He has served as teacher, panel head in secondary school, visiting scholar at Western Sydney University. He has taught courses including Pyscho-Social Development of Adolescents, Motivation and Research Methodology.

Professor Hau’s research interest includes motivation, psychometrics, self-concept, quantitative methods and large scale educational monitoring, and he has published extensively in major international academic journals. He also spares no effort in enhancing education in Hong Kong by actively serving on various government and community advisory boards in curriculum and youth development. Over the last 20 years, he has conducted over 100 national advanced applied statistics workshops in mainland China to promote empirical research in social sciences and education. He has been involved in PISA research since 2003, and has since become a leading authority on the subject.

With over 35000 citations and h-index of 65, and 250 publications, Professor Hau is one of the most cited scholars from Hong Kong in the field of education. His book on applied statistics is the 9th most cited book in the field of Psychology. Throughout his academic career he has a total of 160 international refereed articles, 50 regional journal articles, 10 books, 260 international conference presentations. Since 2018 he has published 24 journals (all Q1), 58 since 2010 (averaging 5 each year), and 10 competitive research projects amounting to HK$65 million.


Data Speaks, PISA and Beyond: Facts, Myths, and Implications for Teaching

It is evident that gender differences cannot be examined solely with a sample of girls, as it remains unclear whether the results reflect characteristics unique to girls or to both genders. Similarly, despite challenges, large-scale comparison studies conducted across multiple economies are crucial in understanding the unique characteristics of students within a given country. In this presentation, we utilize data from various large-scale educational surveys, including PISA by OECD, TIMSS by IEA, and TALIS by OECD, to illustrate the characteristics of different economies. We will discuss the educational implications on the research results of important educational issues such as rote-memorization, well-being, e-learning, and project learning, and dispel myths surrounding these topics.